NEW FOR 2021 Season!

The use of a pitching screen is strongly recommended by the CSSA Board for all batting practice, league games and tournament games. See the detailed rules for use of a pitching screen on the "Use of Pitching Screen" Tab


Please see page regarding COVID-19 Policy, here are specific items for game day:

- Umpires, catchers and base coaches MUST wear a face covering over their nose and mouth.
- Players should maintain social distancing – 6 feet of separation if possible – before, during and after games and practices.
- There will be a “no-contact, no-handshake policy” to be observed at every level during games and activities, including any unnecessary physical contact such as umpire-coach instructions, post-game handshakes, etc.
- Sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco and spitting are prohibited at the fields.