CSSA Board of Directors Guidance on Refreshments at Games:


CSSA has had a long time tradition at our CSSA games that the host team for the games will provide refreshments for both teams between the two games of the double-header.  With the Covid-19 situation now, that tradition is in question. 


The CSSA board position on this is to leave it up to each team, based on their local (county) restrictions and limits AND their personal feelings on the matter.  As there may be different requirements from local authorities at the different locations/fields, PLUS different teams/managers will have different opinions on this issue, then EACH HOST TEAM/MANAGER MUST DECIDE what they will do.


Whatever the host manager decides, they MUST ADVISE THE VISITING TEAM/MANAGER, as well as their own players, of their plan so that everyone can plan accordingly.  This will require some communications between the two managers- host and visitor-, but that is something that you should be doing anyway.