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SSUSA National Champions

2020 Scrap Iron 70 5280

2020 Scrap Iron 55 Rocky Mountain Thunder

2016 Scrap Iron 60 Diamonds

2016 Scrap Iron 70 Legacy

2015 Scrap Iron 55 Coyotes

2015 Scrap Iron 65 Phiten

2014 Scrap Iron 55 Rocky Mountain Thunder

2012 Scrap Iron 65 Phiten

2012 Scrap Iron 70 Reds

2011 Scrap Iron 65's

2011 Scrap Iron 50 Northern

2010 Scrap Iron 60 Master Collision

2009 Scrap Iron 50 Mudhens

2009 Scrap Iron 60 Redux

2007 Scrap Iron 60's

2006 Scrap Iron 55 Worth

2005 Scrap Iron 60's              

SSUSA World Champions

2021 Scrap Iron 70 AA Diamonds

2014 Scrap Iron 65 Phiten

2011 Scrap Iron 80s

2010 Scrap Iron 80s

2010 Scrap Iron 60 Diamonds

2006 Scrap Iron 55 Worth

2006 Scrap Iron 60s

2005 Scrap Iron 60s

SPA World Champions

2018 Scrap Iron Rocky Mountain Thunder 55

2014 Scrap Iron 70 Legacy

2013 Scrap Iron 65 Phiten

2009 Scrap Iron 65's

2005 Scrap Iron 60's

2002 Scrap Iron 50 Master Collision

2018 SPA 55 Major World Champions

Rocky Mountain Thunder

2018 Rocky Mountain Thunder

Back row (left to right): Dave Fortier, Tommie Edwards, Dave Dix, Brad Edginton, Tim Terrell, Kim (Ollie) Oliverson, Markis Harper, Mark Troxel, Jack Donnelly

Front row (left to right): Kerry Ecker, Chris McTigue, Barry Morten (Tourney MVP), Steve Antonczyk, Mark Haupt (Manager), Bruce Lostroh

2018 SPA 55 Major World Champs B (2).jpg

2016 SSUSA Tournament of Champion Winners

2016  Scrap Iron Coyotes

Top row across from left to right: Jay Youkman, Tony Cooper, Bob Malcom, Rich Waldron, Rich Vasser, David Miller,

2nd row: Pete Ayotte, Eddie Buonaiuto, Rick Frahm, Kerry Byers, Bruce Brothis

2005 SSUSA Triple Grand Slam Winners

2005 Scrap Iron 60s

Back Row – Bob Wiltgen, Pat Kennerly, Skip Walker, Mike Rossi, Leo Stebbins, Don Pierson, Murl Skalla;  Middle Row – Bob Parella, Bob Ross, Greg Broeckelman, Dennis Lutz;  Front Row – Larry Neal, Larry Sweet, Fred Searle, Vince Micucci

2006 Scrap Iron 55's

Back Row – Alan Wiechmann, Gil Patron, Mike Weston, Mel Vanek, Mike Massong, Rich Bonaquista, Roger Linke, Doug Hiller, Jack Eberhard; Front Row – Gregg Near, Obie Oberhelman, Jerry Vigil, Thom Shell, Bill Nero, Bob Martinez

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