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Scrap Iron club is a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation formed to provide an opportunity for Colorado senior softball players (age 50 and over) to participate in local, national & international softball leagues & tournaments.
Scrap Iron softball teams were founded in 1992. Senior softball across the country was growing quickly and Scrap Iron sought out the best senior players in Colorado to compete in regional and national level tournaments. Scrap Iron teams have always been extremely competitive.
As a non-profit, Scrap Iron relies on donations from the community to help support our teams and programs. If you are interested in supporting our organization, please contact our President, John Parisi, directly.

Here is a poem created by one of our founders, Kenny Green, describing what it is to be Scrap Iron.

When I was young,
With skin like rubber
I'd stretch and bend,
Quick to recover.

But, the years it seems,
have tarnished me
Like old Scrap Iron
I've come to be.

Scrap Iron Presidents
John Parisi
2020 - Present
Andy Shapiro
2015 - 2019
Alan Weichmann.jpg
Alan Weichmann
2012 - 2014
Greg Broeckelman
2009- 2011
Dennis LeBlanc
2006 - 2008
Greg Broeckelman.jpg
Bob Wiltgen
2004 - 2005
The History of Scrap Iron Softball

"You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing".  Kenny Green


The Beginnings

Scrap Iron softball teams were founded by Murl Skalla and Kenny Green. The first Scrap Iron senior team played in 1992. Senior softball across the country was growing quickly and Murl and Kenny sought out the best senior players in Colorado to compete in regional and national level tournaments. Scrap Iron was always very competitive.

Murl Skala
Scrap Iron Founder
Kenny Green
Scrap Iron Founder

The Start of a Formal Club


As the years passed, many of Murl and Kenny’s friends and acquaintances formed other “Scrap Iron” teams. There were seven Scrap Iron teams in 2004, competing in tournaments across the country and it was time to create the Scrap Iron Softball Club. Led by Kenny Green, Phil Field, and Bob Wiltgen, the decision was made to incorporate Murl and Kenny’s beloved Scrap Iron into a true Club. The State of Colorado accepted the Scrap Iron Softball Club’s Articles of Incorporation on March 3, 2004. The new leadership group also had the foresight to pursue non-profit status through the Internal Revenue Service. The leaders established that Scrap Iron teams were competing in national and international level tournaments and the IRS granted the Scrap Iron Softball Club 501c3 tax exempt status.

Scrap Iron, 1992, Back row: Murl Skalla, Tom Mang, Jim Bowman, Austin Connolly, Bob Gryzmala, Tom Grubb, Chris Christopherson. Front row: Del Davidson, Kenny Green, Zach Bowman, Bill Nero, Wayne Peterson. Picture taken by team member Arlen Amundson

Phil Field
Club Founder
Bob Wiltgen
Club Founder

Special Events and Recognition

Formalizing the Club also established an awards program, Scrap Iron merchandise, and an annual banquet. Three categories or awards were established in 2004, annual team Most Valuable Player or Person awards, a Hall of Fame for players, managers, and special accomplishments, and an annual Service to the Club award, the Dar Nielsen Award. After the passing of co-founder, Kenny Green, the distinguished Service to the Club Award, was changed to the Kenny Green Award. The Hall of Fame has been expanded to include an Old Timer category to recognize the extended play of older members.


The first annual Scrap Iron Softball Club banquet at the Broomfield Community Center was a spaghetti potluck dinner. Meatballs were limited to one per person! The January banquet soon became the Club’s best social event and moved to the Lakewood Elks Club for more space. The banquet is now attended by over 200 members and guests and is held at the Franciscan in Centennial. The banquet has become a great time to see most of our members at one time in one place. In addition to formally recognizing accomplishments, it’s everyone’s time to share stories, and embellish the year if necessary!


Jerry Reidy


Bob Gryzmala

The Future

The Scrap Iron name and logo is recognized across the country by senior softball players. In addition to our classy uniforms and hats, the Club has always promoted recognition of Scrap Iron by having a wide array of polo shirts, jackets, caps, and pants.

The Club achieved another threshold in 2013 when they had at least one team in each mens age group from the 50s through the 80s. Scrap Iron remains a major player in senior softball across the United States. The 2015 season started with 16 Scrap Iron teams and approximately 250 members. In 2019 we have 17 teams. We are the first club in the country with two 80's teams.


Like any large organization, the Scrap Iron Softball Club has a significant budget. Teams are allocated money for uniforms and tournament entry fees. Jerry Reidy, and Bob Gryzmala have been major contributors to the Scrap Iron Softball Club for over ten years. They are both Hall of Fame members for their Club support.

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